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Arina, Украина
Kiev - Київ (Cap) Kyyiv

Женщина, 35, Близнецы, для длит. отношений

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My name is Arina . I’m very active and open minded person from Ukraine, I feel so lonely here, the one person who is missing, it’s my beloved, that`s why I`m here for searching good man, for relationship for love and creating family together.
I like summer, like to go to the sea, to lie on sun and to swim, to have an active rest.
Also I like music, painting and literature, like to watch films, to read romantic books, and detectives. I want to find man with the same interests, and who want to communicate with me.

He should be a simple man, but for me the best in this world I`m a real serious girl, who wants to find someone, who can give me love, tenderness, and give me possibility to take care of him, love him and take care of our family, and express my mother`s love to children.
I hope only you are such man and I will be so glad to know more about you and time will tell us what will be in our future

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День рождения 22.05.1986
Знак зодиака Близнецы
Пол Женщина
Цель знакомства для длит. отношений
Страна(Город) Украина
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Штат / Район Kiev - Київ (Cap) Kyyiv
Вы ищете Мужчина
Искомый возраст 14 - 75
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Привіт Аріна, Ти дуже чарівна та красива пані з добрими очима. Якщо Ти непроти давай познайомимся,,,
17.04.2015, 10:37:24

ممكن نتعرف 0507235333
محمد علي
09.05.2012, 23:32:24

Like youuuuu B-)
hello cutie
25.04.2012, 17:05:18